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This is our advertisement on page 11 of The Contemporary Glass Society’s magazine “Glass Network”, September edition!

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And this is the design front and back for the leaflets for April’s Art Glass Show!

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Why is The Art Glass Show good news for exhibitors?
Well, if you wish to reach potential new customers, you have to exhibit your Glass somewhere. Galleries are one possibility, but they generally take rather a large percentage, and there are very few dedicated to Contemporary Art Glass, so not everyone going into them will be interested in your work.

That is also the case with Craft Fairs, even the ones which have very high standards and very high pitch fees, not everyone going to them is interested in Contemporary Art Glass, they might be into Ceramics, Wood Turning, Pencil Portaits of Your Pet From A Photograph, all kinds of things. Gift Fairs even worse!

Even if you take a stand at one of the well-established Glass Fairs, for example at the National Motorcycle Museum, the majority of the stands are full of Collectable and Antique Glass from the past, and the majority of the customers are there for that.

Whereas at The Art Glass Show everyone coming through the door is there because they are interested in Contemporary Art Glass. And we have affordable stands, free electricity for display lighting and card machines, and one of the best venues in the country.

Ian Chadwick Wall Art One

The  Art Glass Show at Haydock Park Racecourse on Sunday October 5th 2014 is designed to be exclusively for the actual artists who are making Contemporary Art Glass in all it’s amazing variety.

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There will be NO antique or collectable glass, no reproductions, no factory glass, and no galleries or dealers representing other people. There will be Glass Makers exhibiting and selling their own unique Art Glass, and able to discuss the work in detail and to accept commissions from customers.

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We have chosen Haydock Park Racecourse because it offers us everything we could possibly look for in a venue, being moments away from the Motorway (J23 of the M6), with free hard-standing or tarmac parking for over 5,000 vehicles,  and sufficient space to expand as the Art Glass Show grows. Initially we have booked the Lancaster Suite, which will provide us with space for 67 six-feet tables (or bring your own display stands).

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Our background is over 20 years of staging and running selling exhibitions, starting with Antiques Fairs and currently staging the largest Re-enactors’ Market in the UK, the National Living History Fayre.  We staged a couple of Glass Fairs at St Albans many years back, before getting side-tracked into concentrating on the Re-enactment scene, and it is entirely possible that staging these Art Glass Shows is going to see me adding to my own collection of studio art glass…

Lancaster Diagram

The Art Glass Show will be open to customers from 11am to 4pm, admission is set at £2

We have a Facebook page at

The Glass Art Show For Glass Artists